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From bush to beach

Südafrika & Mosambik

From bush to beach

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Dauer: 15 Tage Adventure-Trips
Reiseland: Südafrika & Mosambik

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Magische Momente

  • Natur pur in Zululand
  • Afrikanische Lebensfreude und Portugiesische Köstlichkeiten in Maputo
  • Delfine in Ponto do Ouro
  • Türkises Meer und weißer Sand in Inhambane
  • Schnorcheln in Kosi Bay
  • Die »Big Five« im Krüger-Nationalpark

Wenn beim afrikanischen Braai ein Kudusteak auf dem Grill liegt, sag es nicht laut. Kudus hören es nicht gern und Löwen sind schnell angefressen, wenn man ihnen ihr Mittagessen wegisst. Aber sonst kannst du auf ihre Freundschaft zählen, wie die der Big Five und aller anderen auch in den wildreichsten Nationalparks des südlichen Afrikas.


Tag für Tag Programm

1.Tag: Arrival in Johannesburg

Sawubona! Welcome to South Africa. After your arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel in Johannesburg. Spend the day exploring the city before we head to Zululand tomorrow. Don’t stay up all night as you will meet your group at 06:30 am tomorrow morning.

Included activities:
– Airport transfer to the hotel in Johannesburg

2.Tag: From Johannesburg to KwaZulu Natal

We meet at 6:30am at the hotel reception this morning. After a short briefing we head East, towards Zululand. The Kingdom is home to the Zulu people and reaches from the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean to the lush green hills of the Drakensberg Mountains. In fact, this is one of the only places, where you can go on safari in the morning and put on your snorkelling gear in the afternoon. Don’t worry, we won’t do this all at once. We are on holidays after all. We travel deep into the heart of KwaZulu Natal, a region with abundant wildlife and a rich culture. Our base for the next three days lies within a private reserve, so we are within easy reach of the Big 5. You can spend the rest of the day chilling out in the comfy lounge area of our lodge.

3.Tag: Mkuzi Game Reserve

We rise with the wildlife this morning. After breakfast it’s time for some game viewing action. First up is a walking safari. Keep close to your guide and most importantly keep quiet! The area is known for different species of rhinos and if we are lucky, we may spot a few of them. Our guide knows the perfect spot from where we can observe a well-frequented waterhole. In the afternoon we continue our safari on wheels. We head into the Mkuzi wildlife reserve and, if we didn’t see a rhino this morning, we might get lucky here.

Included activities:
– Entrance to Mkuzi Game Reserve
– Walking safari & game drive in Mkuzi Game Reserve

4.Tag: Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Today we head to Hluhluwe Game Reserve. The park is one of the oldest wildlife conservation parks in Africa and trust us, you’ll feel it. The Big 5 roam freely and chances are high that we get close to them during our game drive. Expect nothing and you will be rewarded. Later on we explore a local Zulu village and delve deeper into the history, culture and modern day life of the Zulu nation.

Included activities:
– Entrance to Hluhluwe Game Reserve
– Game drives in Hluhluwe Game Reserve
– Visit of a local Zulu village

5.Tag: From bush to beach

After breakfast we leave the bush behind and drive to the coast. The scenery changes from bush to mangrove-lined estuaries and you’ll feel like to you’re in another country. Which you are. Almost. Mozambique is just around the corner. But we’ll leave it there for one night and concentrate on the lush landscape on our doorstep. Kosi Bay Nature Reserve boasts plenty of fish that are caught by the locals in the traditional way. If you feel like you’ve seen the water glistening in the sun from the distance for too long, don your snorkelling gear and get ready for abundant marine life. You can stay in the water as long as you like and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean ensure you won’t get cold.

Included activities:
– Drive to Kosi Bay River incl. sightseeing stops enroute
– Boat excursion on the lake system

6.Tag: Snorkelling in Ponta do Ouro

Today we cross the border to Mozambique and head to Ponta do Ouro, that claims to be country’s Mecca for ocean lovers. So, if you didn’t feel like snorkelling yesterday, today is your chance to dive into the blue waters. As this place is so magical, we make sure to stay for two nights.

7.Tag: Dolphin encounters in Ponta do Ouro

Bom dia! How was your first night in Mozambique? Ponta do Ouro is famous for the dolphin research teams, whose research shows that there are about 400 individual dolphins cruising about the area. Today we will join the researches on an ocean safari and have the unique opportunity to view dolphins and whales from the boat and, if we are lucky, we can even swim with them.

Included activities:
– Dolphin encounter
– Snorkelling

8.Tag: City life in Maputo

Today we leave the coastal bliss behind and drive straight to Mozambique’s capital Maputo. The city has been referred to as »African Riviera« in the past and when you get to know it, you slowly realise why. African and Portuguese culture have blended together in an irresistible mix of vibrant life and delicious seafood. Wander the streets and try some exquisite fish in one of the many small restaurants.

9.Tag: From city to sandy beaches in Inhambane

We leave Maputo and travel North along the Indian Ocean to Inhambane. The town was under Arabic rule until the Portuguese claimed it theirs in the 15th century. It was one of the main hubs for trades with ivory, spices, gold and slaves. As we explore the streets, the local market and the 200-year-old cathedral, you feel the Arabic influence still lingers in the air. After a nice round of sightseeing, we leave the town for the golden sand beaches of Praia de Barra. Once we get there, pick your favourite spot on the beach, grab a drink and enjoy! Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Included activities:
– Sightseeing tour of Inhambane

10.Tag: Sleep, eat, beach, repeat

Today the choice is all yours: spread your towel on the beach, splash around in the deep-blue ocean and relax. Or, if you’re looking for action, you can go on a deep sea fishing tour with a local skipper, join a diving tour or snorkel along the colourful reefs. How about joining an ocean safari? There are good chances you’ll spot dolphins or whale sharks while you’re out on the boat. If you’d rather stay ashore, ask your guide about the hiking trails leading through the maze of mangroves. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a fantastic time.

11.Tag: Chizavane

We hope you had the chance to fully relax the past two days. If not, that’s ok. You’ll get another chance to chill in the afternoon. After breakfast we drive South to a secluded fishing lodge north of Xai-Xai. The lodge boasts another long white beach that hopped straight out of a glossy travel magazine. Again what you do with the afternoon is up to you: do you fancy a kayak tour? A fishing trip? Or just a nice float in the warm water? On our last night at the coast, we’ve got a special treat planned: prepare yourself for a finger-licking braai at the lodge as the sun slowly melts into the sea.

12.Tag: Back to the bush – Krüger National Park

Say farewell to the Indian Ocean and hello to South Africa, as we cross the border once more. We end our trip with a major highlight and drive to Krüger National Park. This famous park is blessed with animals galore! So keep your eyes wide open as soon as we enter the park in the afternoon. If you’re still missing some of the Big 5, the chances are high that you will find them here.

Included activities:
– Entrance to Krüger National Park
– Afternoon game drive in Krüger National Park

13.Tag: Krüger National Park

We spend the entire day in Kruger National Park today. So there are endless possibilities of spotting lions, giraffes, elephants and the likes. Tonight we do as the locals do and fire up a braai. These are very popular with South Africans, so grab a beer and join the crowd.

Included activities:
– Entrance to Krüger National Park
– Morning and afternoon game drives in Kruger National Park

14.Tag: Finale in Kruger National Park

The last day of our African adventure has begun. We spend it in the best possible way: we go for game drives in the morning and afternoon and relax during lunch. The Big 5 are regular sights here, so keep your eyes wide open today. In the evening, chill out with your new friends and enjoy the last night in African wilderness around the campfire.

Included activities:
– Entrance to Krüger National Park
– Morning and afternoon game drives in Krüger National Park

15.Tag: Return to Johannesburg and departure

We start the day with an early morning game walk, before we return to Johannesburg. It is very different to experience the wildlife on foot. Our ranger takes us safely through the reserve and explains the tracks and sights to us. Afterwards, lean back and let the landscape whizz past you, as your adventure comes to an end.

Included activities:
– Game walk in Krüger National Park
– Transfer to Johannesburg Airport (for flights leaving after 20:00 o’clock)


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  • Adventure-Trip mit maximal 12 Gästen
  • Jede Reise findet statt
  • Englisch sprechender einheimischer Guide in internationaler Reisegruppe
  • Unterkunft: 3 x Zeltlodge, 7 x Chalet, 1 x Casita, 1 x Lodge, 2 x Hotel
  • Transport: Safari-Truck
  • Mahlzeiten: 13 x Frühstück, 13 x Picknick, 7 x Abendessen
  • Aktivitäten laut Tag-für-Tag-Programm
  • Nationalparkgebühren & Eintrittsgelder
  • 100 m² Regenwald 4 you (Jedem Gast schenken wir im Regenwald von Ecuador ein Grundstück, das Jahr für Jahr den CO2-Ausstoß seiner Reise kompensiert. Eingetragen auf seinen Namen und auf ewig seins.)
  • Rail&Fly inkludiert bei allen Buchungen mit Flug

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